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A social media for social good integrating empathy, action, and impact to solve the most pressing problems.

story-based empathy

Share your story. View stories of others. We humanize and sustain social movements directly from the source.

Our platform prioritizes accessible and immersive visual storytelling through videos and photo-essays.


grassroots action

We make activism more accessible by allowing you to select from trusted actions online or locally. We also think communities are most informed about their needs—and enable individuals and organizations to share their own calls to action.


trackable impact

Our platform tracks how bottom-up efforts lead to tangible impact. Users monitor their own civic engagement across time and themes through their completed stories and actions. Empact's greater civic engagement is also chronicled via the stories and actions completed. Research and cross-sector collaboration are our friends.


We’re just getting started. Our focus is first primarily on gender in India. We will certainly be expanding.


Gender based violence


Economic welfare

Reproductive health

And more

every movement starts with a story. here's our story.

Story Image

I met Ishitha when I was doing photographic fieldwork for the Bill & Melinda Gates Institue in New Delhi slums. She was bright-eyed and so curious about the world. Holding her in my arms, I realized that while she is likely just as attentive or promising as another individual, her circumstances may very well prevent her from experiencing her full potential.

Those of us with privilege and opportunity are responsibile to create a world with more agency, dignity, and opportunity for all.

— Rubini Naidu

Founder, Empact